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Every step toward progression counts.

Real music is made by real artists. When you think back to early age Hip-hop your mind can’t help but to drift off to Mos Def, MC Lyte, Common, Run DMC, Q-tip and so on. Those are artist who set milestones in history as well as in the lives of many of their fans.


Driven by reality over dreams; Luminous delivers with such an impact, that the comparisons are far from faint, when it comes to dynamic. With such tuned ears for the words from within. She captivates the minds of listeners as her lyrics flow so melodically.


“In life you have to go through, to get to where you need to be. It only assists you with your story’s reasoning” –Luminous


Music has always been the way Luminous expressed her mental means. As a young versatile artist, she spread the grace of her many talents. In her early years of high school she set homage on the lyrical realm as a poet.


Born in Brooklyn, NY, but breed in Newark, NJ. Luminous expanded her means through verse by feeding her brain the variations of music and poetry. Luminous’ means of music runs a long way; from Hip-Hop, R & B, Alternative, to Jazz.


With motivation and imagination Luminous set off on her music career; performing at various showcases across New York City, and New Jersey. As she built a small fan base of people, she noticed their attendance to every show was ample motivation. That only built her drive to keep the lyrical wheel turning.

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